CASSETTE Bedlam 'Into the Coals' (1992) rare advance promo Jay Joyce Nashville Iodine

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CASSETTE: Bedlam "Into the Coals' (MCA, 1992)

This is a rare advance promotional cassette of Bedlam's "Into the Coals," a 1992 album featuring noted producer Jay Joyce.  2/3 of this lineup later went on to form the equally awesome band Iodine.

This tape comes in a generic MCA sleeve wih the track listing typed on the front.  It was sent out to radio, press and retail contacts to promote the band before the album's release.

TRACKS: Drink It Down, Madhouse, Just About Home, Hiding Place, Carnival Lights, Lucky, Turnin' the Lights Out, Heaven, Upside Down, Sunday to Sunday, Freakshow, Closing Time.

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