VHS now 100% live, Cassettes Coming In Slowly

Posted by Keith Bergman on

A pile of cassette tapes, not representing our current stock

The VHS section should now be 100% refreshed, meaning everything we have in stock is listed, properly photographed, shows correct shipping rates, etc.  It's not a big section yet, but movies are an area I plan to greatly expand once we get the rest of the store fully online.

We're powering through cassettes and more CDs now - most of our CD inventory is up and refreshed, and I've started on the tapes, but it's going to take a while.  We had hundreds of listings on our old platform and none of the photos came across when we moved to this webstore.  The listings have to be updated one at a time, while we're also adding new inventory, packing orders, and occasionally walking away from the whole ordeal to drink beer and play Missile Command.

But the place is taking shape a little more each day, and more of you are visiting the site as we get things in order, so that keeps me motivated.  We appreciate you stopping by and if you do happen across an item with no photo, or what seems like a weird shipping total, send me a quick message and I'll make it right as soon as I can.

This week's updates include more CDs and tapes, and the debut of a new Intellivision section in the retro game category.  It looks like books will wind up being the last area we really get sorted, but whatever your media pleasure, there'll be new stuff going up daily and enough deals to keep you coming back.

- Keith


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