The Big Book Sort Is Underway!

Posted by Keith Bergman on

In the 18 months or so since we launched this site, we've been folding in our old database from the Bonanza platform, gradually updating each listing one at a time, adding new categories and photos, as well as adding new stock nearly every day.  As of now, our CDs, cassettes, video games, movies, and other miscellaneous categories are pretty much caught up.

Our books have been another story.  I've finally embarked on one of the last two big projects to get our store up to speed -- sorting, photographing and organizing thousands of titles, from common paperbacks to rare antiquarian volumes.  My hope is that our prices will be competitive and you'll feel confident in buying, knowing you're seeing an actual photo of the book you'll be getting, with an honest description of its condition.

Building out categories to keep the books organized takes a little longer than I'd like, but now that I've started, I feel like the work will go quickly.  After I get the main books done, there are some categories of other paper goods - magazines, maps, travel brochures, vintage pamphlets and the like - the sort of things that must be organized well so they don't wind up lost on our shelves when you order them.

After this project is complete, the final battle will begin -- getting the vinyl under control once and for all.  I'm actually well on my way there, with plenty of bargain LPs sorted and boxed for in-person sales at record shows.  Once the books are under control, I'll be putting more of that online, as well as some of the more esoteric private-label and underground LPs that might not sell elsewhere.

I can finally see the goal in sight!  My hope is that before long, every single item in our store database will have a clear photo, an accurate description and proper shipping weight.  If you do happen to find a listing missing any of these things, just drop me a line and I'll make it my top priority to update that listing and get you the info you need.

Thank you to everyone who's made this first 18 months successful for us.  We're a tiny business with a LOT of stuff, but more and more of you keep finding us and making the work worthwhile.  "We still love this stuff" is more than a slogan here - I am always excited to see a record, book, game cartridge or CD make its way to a good home where it will be appreciated and enjoyed.

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