Movies now live, more books coming soon

Posted by Keith Bergman on

Thank you to everyone who's been checking out the store!  The DVD and VHS sections are now live, and will be beefed up significantly in the coming days. There's also a new section for magazine back issues, with a nice batch of music, computer, and skateboarding magazines to round out your collection from back in the day.

We're also steadily working through the backlog of older items in the shop that don't have photos or proper shipping settings.  If you see an item without a photo and want more information, just ask.

Today we're updating lots of promo CD listings, and we'll be refreshing our book sections this week to get that area under control.  Cassettes will probably be the last area we get to, but the goal is to have 100% of our listings corrected before much longer, while continuing to add new stuff in all departments daily.

Special thanks to those of you who've known me since the Bonanza days (or the Ebay store, even further back) who made the effort to find the store and check it out.  None of this work without your support and I hope to keep earning your business for years to come.

May your coffee be strong and your house full of cool stuff!




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