Holiday Update From the Boss

Posted by Keith Bergman on

Thanks for checking out the store!  We've been plugging away for over half a year now, slowly adding new stock every day.  Although we've still yet to do a big advertising push or announce a Grand Opening, a lot of you are finding us through specific searches, and business is already picking up.

I'm gonna keep going with this slow, steady rollout for now.  We're adding our VHS and DVD sections this week, and I'm finally going to start building out the vinyl section with a big cache of nice $3.99 records for those of you looking to start or beef up your collection without paying Record Store Day prices for everything.

On a personal note, I returned to another vocation of mine - standup comedy - after several years of thinking I was done with it.  If you're interested in following that side of my career, my personal website,, has my upcoming dates and information about new recordings for 2023.  I hope to get back to combining my two jobs by hitting the road next year, performing around the country, and spending my days buying up collections and making deals to stock the store for you.

Last but not least, we returned to the world of real-world record shows this year, setting up in Toledo, Fort Wayne, Dearborn, and Ypsilanti, Michigan.  We'll be out doing that more in 2023 as well, and I'll post here when we're going to be set up.  If you're in the area, come say hello!

Keith Bergman


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